Shutter Specifications

Truly custom shutters to match your period originals.


A quick Google search yields no shortage of companies claiming to offer shutters for historic restoration projects. But a closer look reveals that the vast majority of these companies offer a limited selection of traditional designs. This is fine if you plan to replace all of your shutters and don't mind if the new shutters match the originals. But what if some of your original shutters are in pretty good shape and only a few need replacing? Or perhaps it's important to you that your shutters remain true to the original design.

Shutterstile offers a solution. We will replicate your original shutters, usually at about the same price as one of the "standard" designs available from other suppliers. And you won't have to sacrifice quality.

Here are some of the features of a handcrafted Shutterstile shutter:

traditional mortise and tenons joints — using modern exterior-grade adhesives and no mechanical fasteners which can weaken the joint.

made from the material of your choice — if you don't have a preference, we recommend Spanish cedar, a moderately-hard, stable, decay-resistant wood from South American. Spanish cedar has a fine grain pattern and color similar to mahogany. We feel it is the best value for high-end performance and appearance at a reasonable cost.

made to your specifications — we don't offer any "standard" shutters. All of our shutters are custom made to your specifications.

available unfinished or primed — since the goal is to match your existing shutters, you'll probably want to finish them yourself. But we can prime them for you. We will prime some components, such as louver ends, before assembly to provide a better seal against future moisture penetration.

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