How to Measure

Advice on measuring for your shutters.


While the shutters on most modern houses are intended primarily for decoration, historic homes typically had hinge-mounted shutters that could be closed over the windows to provide protection against the elements. If you intend to close your shutters at some point, you should take extra care to get the correct measurements for both the width and height. Even if you are replacing existing shutters, it's a good idea to measure both the shutters and the window. We often find that the existing shutters don't fit the windows. In some cases, this is because a shutter has been replaced with the wrong size or repaired improperly. In other cases, shutters may have been mixed up during a renovation or painting project. We also sometimes find shutters that have been mounted upside-down or reversed from left to right.

At a minimum, measure both the width and height of the window opening into which the shutters will close. Measure at several locations and record the smallest of these measurements. This is necessary because your windows may be out of square a small amount which could cause binding. It's also important to measure each window, since one window may be slightly different than the next. You can either order all of the shutters for the same size window using the smallest recorded dimensions, or you can order for each window individually for a more precise fit. When you place your order, make sure to let us know if the dimensions you supply are exact or if the shutters should be made slightly smaller to provide proper clearance. Unless you specify otherwise, we will make your shutters 1/4 inch smaller than the window opening in both dimensions for proper clearance.

Remember, since all of our shutters are custom-made, we cannot accept returns for credit or refund due to improper measurement unless we have made a mistake in your order.

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